Slovak Center for Digital Innovations

Slovak Center for Digital Innovation (SCDI) is a nonprofit association applying for the status of European Digital Innovation Hub in the Slovak republic.

We want to advance the digital transformation in Slovakia and will show you how modern and available digital tools can be used to successfully transform your business.

Our main goal is networking between members and providers of digital business solutions. Thanks to SCDI, you will be able to start all the processes that are necessary to successfully meet the challenges of digitization. 

We support and stimulate the development of industry in the field of digital technologies, automation and robotics. We raise awareness of successful digital projects and digital transformation. As a networking & communication platform, we connect companies to support their advancement towards digital innovation. We form joint projects with international initiatives to help Slovak companies innovate faster & more efficiently. We coordinate the preparation of scientific, research and innovation projects. We help with the workforce adaptation to digital transformation. We connect stakeholders from the academic and industrial sectors.

AcrossLimits Ltd

AcrossLimits is a dynamic Maltese technology research and consulting SME with its roots firmly derived from the innovation and ICT sectors. Throughout these past 22 years, the company has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience in various European Union programmes, by participating in over 80 EU funded projects.

As strong networkers, we have built a vast network over our years of presence on the European stage. Over the years, we have built up a vast skill set within the Education, Health, Entrepreneurship Digital Platforms and Dissemination work packages. 

We’re also proud to be a multicultural, multilingual company with employees from several countries. This makes us good at collaborating abroad, in Europe and beyond.